The Multi/Touch/Device MindMapper prototype was created as part of a master's thesis on the topic of brainstorming and mind mapping on interactive tabletops with the addition of external devices like smartphones (multi-device interaction)

Features include the creation, deletion and editing of interactive notes, which can be moved around the work area and rotated freely with multi-touch gestures. Structuring of the idea space is supported as well by the possibility to create mind maps.

Users are also able to create new ideas via bluetooth-connected smartphones. Transfer from the phone onto the tabletop work area is triggered by a simple drag and drop gesture.

Work area of the tabletop application
The MTD MindMapper at the World Usability Day 2011 at the University of Regensburg. Image: Alexander Bazo

The tabletop application was developed with the open source multi-touch framework MT4j ( The smartphone client runs on Android phones (2.1 Eclair and higher)

For master's thesis, distribution/installation files and (link to the) source code (GPL 3.0 / Apache 2.0), see the Downloads section of this site.